DIY Book Exchange – Give The Joy Of Reading And Easily Declutter Your Home

I’m a book enthusiast! I love reading them, smelling and unfortunately collecting them. As much as I love seeing all my books when it comes to moving I always notice I have too many. Recently I have noticed these cute homemade DIY book exchange boxes cropping up in my neighbourhood and I think they are fantastic!

You may have seen different local initiatives of book exhanges. You can leave unwanted books and just take a new one for your journey. They’ve become very fashionable here in London at tube station. Many now have a little book exchange area, usually with support of the local libary. The idea is that you can get a new book for your journey and pop it back on the book exchange once your have finished. Great! And it doesn’t clutter your home.

Local Neighbourhood Book Exchanges

But recently I have noticed a new trend and I am a big fan. People reuse old wood they have and build little boxes. In these boxes they pop their old unwanted books and everyone in the neighbourhood or anyone passing by can take a book and bring their old books if they wish.

I took a walk in a different part of my neighbourhood the other day and stumbled over this adorable book exchange.

DIY book exchange

It was full of books for book children and adults so even your children learn that once they don’t want the book anymore they can pass it on to someone else. The joys of a good local community!

Community DIY Book Exchange Boxes

Of course it can be a jointly effort. If you don’t have any suitable area in front of your own home, maybe you live in a flat like myself, find out if there are other options. Maybe a neighbour likes the idea and you can work together building a little book exchange. Get more neighbours on board before setting it up will ensure it has a swift uptake in your area.

I came across this one in a different part of London before and loved bringing my old books there and replentishing my book reading list with books I may not have come across otherwise.

Book exchange box

This one probably needed some kind of permission as it was on the outer wall of a multi-residential property. Love that they made it happen! There was also a bench just in front of it so I sometimes just sat down with my new book and read outside in the sun for a while.

Other DIY Book Exchange Options

Maybe these boxes are not the right fit but there are other options! I’ve seen disused telephone boxes that have been turned into a local book exchange in Germany. Took my family a while to get me out of there. So many books looking for a new reader.

DIY book exchange in Germany

I could imagine it would be lovely if local cafes had a little exchange shelf as well. Maybe speak to local shop owners to see what they think of the idea. There are so many other ideas of course and I am sure you will find the right fit for your local neighbourhood.

If you are not crafty enough to build a DIY book exchange just ask around in your community. I am sure someone will come forward who has experience working with wood and can help to build a book exchange that suits your local community needs. It is also a great community activity and will bond your local community further together!

Have you come across any special DIY book exchange boxes in your local neighbourhood? Did you make one yourself? Get in touch as I would love to interview someone who has build one and include some instructions on my blog!

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