Zero Waste Christmas Gift Ideas For Thoughtful Presents

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The holiday season is the time to spend time with your family and loved ones and give them time and thoughtful presents. I’ve collected my favourite Christmas gift ideas in this article below.

If you are keen on baking or crafting it may be the time to give them some homemade presents. Why not try my traditional Vanillekipferl recipe if your loved one has a sweet tooth? It’s actually really easy to make and you could involve children in this activity. It’s vegan as well. 🙂

Christmas gift ideas

If baking is not your thing maybe you like to try your hand at making a crochet cloth set which would be useful around the house. I’ve given these away to friends who are into Zero Waste and they are very appreciated.

If you don’t have the time to bake or craft there are always thoughtful small presents you can gift. Think of your friend or family member and think about what they may think useful.

I’ve collected a few Christmas gift ideas below that you can check out and will be adding more Christmas gift ideas if you share them in the comments!

Zero Waste Christmas gift ideas

1. A book

Got a friend who is interested in the Zero Waste topic but does not know where to start? It is easy to get overwelmed but small steps make it easier. Get them this book to learn how to start the zero waste lifestyle at home.

Books make wonderful Christmas gift ideas. Consider if your friend would prefer a physical copy or an e-book to make it extra special. I know I prefer holding a book while my partner prefers e-books.

2. A reusable travel mug

I have one of these and find it incredibly useful. It keeps my drinks cold in the summer and warm when it is cold outside. I find I never use another reusable mug than this one. It is also taller than usual travel mugs.

3. A zero waste bathroom set

This is a beautiful bathroom accessoires set which has all you need to keep your bathroom organised. It also includes a georgous vase and a soap dish which makes it easy to keep your zero waste bathroom neat and tidy.

4. Time vouchers

The gift of time is a precious Christmas gift idea and does not cost you anything! Did a friend of yours have a baby recently? Offer to babysit the little one to give the parents a bit of a break! If you think about it you will probably find that you have some friends you would appreciate the gift of time more than any material gift!

5. A Christmas hamper of food

Sometimes a food hamper is exactely the right present! Do you have a foodie in your group of friends? Or someone who is maybe struggling a bit more to get food on the table? Treat them to something special and get them a food hamper. You could prepare one yourself or get one delivered.

Do you have any special Christmas gift ideas? Please share them in the comments!

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