The Best Stocking Fillers For Babies

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You may wonder in the run up to the holiday season what little gifts you can add as stocking fillers for babies. In the below article I’ve compiled a few ideas to keep the cost and environmental impact down.

Why To Give Gifts To Young Babies

Babies don’t need much when they are young. They need food, warmth, security and the comfort of their family. However, if you have older children they may ask why their little brother or sister won’t get any presents if this is a custom in your family.

To avoid this you may decide to add some gifts for your baby even if the little one is too young to appreciate them.

Stocking Fillers For Babies

The easiest stocking fillers for babies are items you would have to get for them anyway. Think bibs, toys or clothing. You may purchase them new or get second hand items.

A nice idea is a special outfit for the holiday season so you can take lovely family pictures on this occasion.

You can’t go wrong with age appropriate sensory toys. For example this set of toys for 0 – 6 months old babies will promote balance, fine motor skills and problem solving capabilities.

DIY Stocking Fillers For Babies

If you like to get crafty with your family why not make something special this year? Saltdough is easy to make at home and you can create little gifts for all family members and use them as decorations for years to come.

This will be a lovely memory and a treasured item for your children.

Zero Waste Stocking Filler Ideas

With a young baby or toddler you don’t necessarily need to buy anything new. They mostly enjoy the unpacking and playing with the wrapping paper. So consider packing up a small toy they already own in some packing paper and let them unwrap it. Many parents swear by this “present”.

What bave been your best stocking fillers for babies in the past? Leave a comment below!

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