How To Use Leftover Lemon Peel – 10 Amazing Top Tips

How To Use Leftover Lemon Peel – 10 Amazing Top Tips

Lemon water makes a wonderfully refreshing drink in the summer. Just squeeze or juice a few lemons into still and sparkling water and you have a lovely drink with an extra boost of vitamin C! But what could you do with the leftover lemon peel? Would be a shame to throw it away! I collected a few ideas on how to use leftover lemon peel.

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Leftover Lemon Peel Uses

I’m sure a few ideas will come to mind immediately if you think of leftover lemon peel. If you are a keen baker and the peels are organic you can make a wonderful lemon drizzle cake.

Cleaning products are also a good idea if you are handy with making them yourself. Always good to have a few natural options availble in your cupboard. I’m actually preferring them to the harsher store-bought versions.

Without further ado I am diving right into my favourite ideas to use leftover lemon peel around the house. I’m sure you will find a few ideas you can try easily and will love as much as I do!

Tip: If you peel your leftover lemon peel only use the yellow part. The white part is bitter and you most likely would not like anything flavoured with it!

1. Freeze Lemon Peel For Cooking & Baking

Don’t throw away the lemon peel and save them from landfill to use them in your cooking and baking. You don’t want to bake anything now? No problem, just grate some lemon zest and freeze it for later! You can then use it in your everyday cooking or baking whenever you need it.

2. Brown Sugar Trick To Keep It Soft

Oh don’t we all know it, after a while brown sugar gets hard and is really difficult to use when you need it! But there is a need trick that you can use to ensure it stays all nice and soft and ready to use when you need it.

Ensure that the lemon peel has no traces of pulp or pith and then just add it to your bag of brown sugar. It will keep it moist and soft and ready to use whenever you need it.

3. Dishwasher Freshener

You are lucky and call a dishwasher your own? Lemon peel can help make it smell nice with a lovely citrus scent. Just add a few lemon peels directly in your dishwasher when you use it.

Best is to put it in a bowl and while the dishwasher cleans your dishes the lemon peel deodorizes your dishwasher and everything will smell lovely when you take it out! Alternatively just put it in the cutlery tray.

You might even notice a bit of an extra sparkle from your dishes when using this method!

4. Lemon Scented Candles

You will need some wax, I recommend soja wax, to make these candles. Especially lovely as swimming candles outside for those warm evenings in the summer.

5. Lemon Peel Tea

In winter time I love a good cup of ginger tea and that is even better with some lemon peel.

Pee the lemon and dry the peel and then add it to your tea when you fancy a lovely cup with some extra lemon kick!

6. Citrus Cleaner

Make your own all-purpose cleaner at home with this easy recipe. Put your lemon peels into a bowl and cover them completely with vinegar. Let this mixture stand for about 3 to 4 weeks. Remove the peels and you have a great natural all-purpose cleaner for those small mishaps at home. However, don’t use it on markble florring etc.

7. Lemon Powder

Peel your leftover lemon and dry them. Then use a spice mill to shred the peel and add this lemon powder to your dishes. Lovely in risotto for example! But really just add to your favourite dishes if you want a bit of lemonly flavour.

8. Use As Seedling Pots

If you have a green finger why not use the lemon peel to grow some new plants? Just fill the lemon peel with soil and add your seeds to them. Then when your seedlings are showing you can just plant them like they are in your garden, yes, with the lemon peel!

9. Lemon Ice Cubes

Add some lemon peel to your ice cubes for a bit of a citrus kick in your chilled drinks. Why not use a peeler or knife and make long strips of the peel so they are a bit of an eyecatcher for your next summer party?

10. In the Kitchen

Use your leftover lemon peel in your trash bin or in your fridge. Over time there may be a bit of an unpleasent smell developping, especially in your trash bin. Just place a few peels in your trash bin or in your fridge for a lovely smell. Just exhange every now and then.

Which of these tips are you going to try? Or have you tried any of these before? What was the result? Did you like it? Any recommendations for other readers? Please put any thoughts in the comments below!

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