How to Build a Blog

Work from home and write about topics that you care about. Learn how to build a blog from scratch.

It may not be the quickest way to earn money online but once you invested the time to build up your blog it becomes a more passive income stream than most other side hustles.
If you are a keen writer and are interested in a niche topic learn how to build a blog. It may be an easy way for you to earn money with your blog through advertising or affiliate links.

If it is your first time working with a website or a blog don’t fret! There are plenty of tutorials online and I will publish more information about how I started my blog here in due time. Look out for more blog posts in the future on this topic!
It may be a bit daunting to start a blog if you are just starting out but my recommendation is to take it step by step. Don’t try to achieve too much in too little time if it is the first time you are trying to build a blog. Not everything may be perfect but just start and then revisit your first few blog posts in a month or so and tweak them to match the newer content.
Over time your blog will be one of the ways to make passive money for you.

My recommendation if you start your own blog is make a list. Think about the different tasks you need to achieve and break them out in smaller steps to make the task less daunting. One day write one or two blog posts. The next day think about how to promote them so more people view your content. Create a schedule that you stick to so you can publish content on a regular basis. This may be every day, week or month depending on your other commitments.

As a first step start thinking about what topic you would like to start blogging about regularly, are you a keen gardener, into technology or maybe gaming? Make sure you pick a topic that you really care about so the task of writing about it excites you! You also want to engage with fellow enthusiasts about the topic via Social Media or through comments in your blog so the topic should be well chosen!
What would you want to blog about? Let me know in the comment section!

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