The Best Alternatives To Plastic Toilet Brushes – 3 Options For The Eco-Conscious Household

The Best Alternatives To Plastic Toilet Brushes – 3 Options For The Eco-Conscious Household

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They are in most households – plastic toilet brushes. Hardly anyone likes them, they are potential germ buckets and if you have toddlers they may mistake them for toys. Here are the best Zero Waste alternatives to plastic toilet brushes.

alternatives to plastic toilet brushes

Alternatives To Plastic Toilet Brushes

I heard that people start using more eco-friendly alternatives so I was curious what is out there and wanted to share this here with you! I’ve collected a few alternatives to plastic toilet brushes that would help you reduce plastic waste in your home

1. Wooden Toilet Brushes

The toilet brush does not need to be plastic of course! There are plenty of wooden alternatives that you could try. I particularly like this one which has natural coconut fibre bristles and a wood handle. It is comfortable to grip and the natural coconut fibre bristles are durable and don’t damage the enamel of the toilet or bathtub.

It is not as flimsy as regular plastic toilet brushes and it has a curve at the end so it will easily clean under the rim of the toilet.

2. Using Citric Acid

Citric acid is great for cleaning as it kills bacteria, mould, and mildew. So why not use it to clean your toilet instead of a toilet brush and/or bleach?

It could not be simpler: just out some citric acid in the kettle with water and boil which cleans your kettle as well! Ensure it is cooled down as you don’t want to pour boiling water on the toilet enamel as it could damage it. Leave this for a few hours (best overnight of course). Do this regularly and if there are any stains in between you can just wipe them down when wet.

3. Silicone Toilet Brushes

If you are more after a more traditional solution but don’t want bristles you could try a silicone toilet brush. Handling is a bit different than a normal toilet brush but after a few minutes, you will get the hang of it easily. It is important to call out this brush does have s small part that is plastic but it is very sturdy, cleans the toilet well and does not drip as much as regular toilet brushes do. It is a bit pricier than the other solutions but could be right for you if you don’t want toilet brush alternatives with bristles or use citric acid.

This brush is also great at cleaning under the rim which is more difficult to clean with more traditional brushes. The case for the brush comes with a sticky pad on the back and stays securely on the wall.

What do you use to keep your toilet clean? Do you have any alternative suggestions? What are your best Zero Waste alternatives to plastic toilet brushes?

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