Slow down and do more meaningful things that enrich your life

Slow down and do more meaningful things that enrich your life

In this blog, you will find ideas on how to live a more sustainable and responsible lifestyle. Our lives have become so fast-paced and it seems difficult for many to switch off and take some time to rest. Usually, that is what holidays are for but even these are full of itineraries and things you have to do to “fully explore a place”. Is this really necessary? Do we have to push ourselves so hard in our everyday life and even on holiday? When is there time to just enjoy the life that you’ve built and spend meaningful time with others?


I’ve been thinking about this for a while. I’ve seen my friends work and work more until they were burnt out and had to take a break for health reasons. It has been difficult for them but they succeded and I am immensely proud of them. But what if we would not let it go so far? What if we actually take the time we need and not try to do more and more things every day? We only have 24 hours every day, let’s try and find more time for ourselves.

When was the last time you went for a walk in the countryside and just enjoyed listening to the birds singing? When was the last day that had no work and no to-do list of sorts? When could you just enjoy the day relaxing or with an activity that is meaningful to you? It may be writing, baking or painting or mediation or something completely different. When was the last time you could just be yourself and listen to what your body and soul needs?

The Journey To A Responsible Lifestyle

For myself, my journey means I want to focus on myself more but ensure I don’t forget about nature and the ecological implications of my everyday life. I have started to cook more from scratch so I reduce what ends up in landfill. I have a compost when I possibly can (and want to explore alternative options for times like now when I live in a flat). I’ve started making my own laundry detergent, explore options of cutting down in products that come usually in plastic bottles such as shampoo. I’ve begun to cook more vegan meals rather than meat. I strive for balance in my life but I know this is a journey and not a state. What you have achieved can be lost if you are not consciously working on yourself. I’m hoping to pass on some of these learnings on my journey to you.

What You Will Learn

In this blog, you will find some of my favourite vegan recipes, advice on DIY products and tutorials, how to live a more sustainable lifestyle (e.g Zero Waste tips and tricks) and tips on how to save money – even if you live in an expensive city like London. Yes, it is absolutely possible. I’ve been living here for more than 13 years. And although it was not always easy I always found ways to save money for times when I may not be able to earn money. There are many jobs in London but you can also lose them quickly if your company gets shut down or restructured. Many of my friends have been in this position. Some more than once.

I want to share with you my steps to a more eco-conscious and fulfilled responsible lifestyle. Obviously nothing is one size fits all and you need to find your own path. However, I do think it is useful to get inspiration from other people.

Please comment and share your experiences and tips in the comments. I strongly believe that we can all improve our lives by sharing more. This can be about our experiences and what worked and what didn’t. So comment away. 🙂

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