Easy Reusable Makeup Remover Wipes

Easy Reusable Makeup Remover Wipes

Cute and practical. These reusable makeup remover wipes will help you cut down waste!

When I started my Zero Waste journey and cutting down on purchases these little facial wipes were one of my first changes. I don’t actually use that many makeup remover cotton rounds but most of my friends do. So these crochet wipes made great little presents for friends who were on the same journey. Many of them did not know where to start so made a batch of reusable makeup remover wipes and gave them to my friends. They work well and are easily washed in the washing machine with the rest of your washing.

If you love crochet they are also very easily made and they don’t take much time at all! One of these takes me less than 10 minutes by now and in one afternoon I have enough that one person would need in a regular week. I even made a cute box for mine by now for storage and a little bag for the washing machine.

Similar wipes can be purchased online or in some selected shops but why not consider making them yourself? You don’t know how to crochet? They are a great little project to get you started. I will publish a free pattern very soon.

Reusable makeup remover wipes
Crochet make up remover wipes

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