Best Vegan Empanada Fillings – 5 Recipes

Best Vegan Empanada Fillings – 5 Recipes

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I love making empanadas and have started recently to make them vegan. My partner is vegan and I just wanted to come up with a few new vegan empanada fillings so I can vary the fillings.

To make empanadas it would be best to use an empanada press. These are easy to handle and you will get a beautiful shaped empanada.

In this blog post, I am going to share my favourite empanada filling recipes. I love how creative you can get with fillings and the choice is huge. If you want to try some new recipes try the ones below and share in the comments how you liked them. If you made any alterations please share that as well!

Best Vegan Empanada Fillings

Vegan Empanada Fillings

I used to like making empandas with cheese so I always wanted to try make them with some kind of vegan cheese. Preferably homemade of course. Previously I just chopped some veg and used that as fillings but I think fillings work better if they are in spread form. Especially for the small empanadas that we like. They work well as an appetizer or a small snack. I keep them in a freezer for when we need them.

Spinach Pesto Empanada Filling

This was one of my first tries and I loved the flavours. This spinach pesto recipe is easy to make. All you need is a food processor. I made it y bit coarser on purpose but you could always blend it a bit more if you prefer a smoother consistency.

Sundried Tomato Filling

This filling idea was inspired by my partner’s roots in Spain. Tomatoes are a staple in our household and I just had to try and make something special. Again, this filling is easy to make and we also use it as a spread on sourdough which is absolutely delicious.

Tomato And Mushroom Filling

Mushrooms are one of my favourite ingredients. I love them on pizza and as a side so I had to incorporate them in an empanada filling. I chopped them very fine and combined them with the sundried tomato spread and they are divine. If you love mushrooms this is the filling for you!

Vegan Cheese

This was my first time making vegan cashew cheese spread and I am so pleased with the result! It is creamy and complements the empanadas so well! You can also use any bought vegan cheese of course but if you want to try to make it yourself try this recipe.

Vegan cheese and sourdough crackers.

Vegan Cheese and Olives

This idea was again inspired by my partner. The vegan cheese and the olives work well together. Just chop the olives very fine and mix them with the spread. You can also just add them on top as I did.

What are you favourite fillings? Have you tried any of these vegan empanada fillings? Leave a comment below and share your ideas.

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